Sliding Door Repair in Orange County and LA County by the leader in patio door repair and installation. With over 30 years experience in the replacement of glass door rollers as well as track replacement, we do the job right the first time!

Door Problems ? Stop fighting your sliding door today!

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So, you have a door problem? You've come to the right place - We have the experience to solve your door problems immediately and to ensure they operate better than new. We are a family run company that has been fixing and repairing sliding doors for over 30 years with the following specialties:

Rollers - Stop fighting that miserable sliding door TODAY!

This is the most common door repair we do and not a business day goes by that we do not replace rollers on sliding doors. If you cannot currently open your door with one finger, WE are the company you want to call. We are the undisputed experts in this field and it's likely that you came to this website as a referral from another person that told you the same thing. We enjoy that reputation!

Track Replacement - When things have gotten a little worse!?

This is only necessary in two cases. The first and most common is corrosion of the bottom door track due to the lime in the cement or stucco that is underneath it. This is a chemical reaction that makes the track look like it is rotting away or someone poured acid on it and holes developed. We can replace JUST the bottom track and save you the expense of replacing the entire door. The second case is where the door rollers have been bad for quite some time and someone has been dragging the door across the aluminum rail, causing large wavy bumps or divots in the track. If the bumps are not too large we can place a stainless steel track cover over the rail to help smooth it out. Many times this is a temporary fix, however - in general, we recommend total patio door track replacement.

Lock and Handles - Better safe than sorry!

An important feature of a door is that you can lock it with confidence. We carry all available modern door handle parts as well as old and obsolete locks that we've managed to find over thirty years of fixing glass doors. We are widely recommended by the typical locksmith for glass door handles and locks, including secondary locks (sometimes known as burglar bolts) for added protection or child security.

A typical example phone call to

Us: Thank you for calling Door Problems - how can we help you?

Client: My sliding glass door barely moves - is that something you work on?

Us: That's the ONLY thing we do!

Client: How soon can you be here? I can't take it anymore!

Us: Let me see if one of our service vehicles is in the area right now...

Client: You're the greatest! I love you!

Us: When you see how wonderful it is to have an easy to slide door you will love us even more.

Client: This has been going on so long - it's terrible.

Us: You're in luck! One of our trucks is in the neighborhood and we can repair your grumpy patio door today.

Client: I will name my next child

Roller Replacement

This is the skill that makes us stand out from the rest. If just anyone could throw rollers at a glass door and make it work, there wouldn't have been any need for us in the last 30 years, but luckily it's a bit more complicated than that. Many doors are tight inside the frame and are difficult or dangerous to remove - some doors are so old that they don't make the original parts any longer - or your door may even have a strange ailment from the previous owner. Whatever the case, we are serious about fixing it correctly when we show up to your home.

Don't chance your valuable time to someone that doesn't love fixing doors and comes prepared to do it! Save yourself the headache of watching them pack up and drive to a hardware store to get the parts they need. Spare yourself the inevitable phone call when they tell you they couldn't find the old parts after all. In the end they are going to tell you to call us anyway. Trust us, we've heard this story repeated for years. Below is a common example where you can see an old, rotten roller taken from a client's door - we then replace them with a heavy duty roller whenever possible. Please note this does not work on EVERY door but is extremely common for us to be able to do.

Bottom Track Replacement

Replacing the bottom track on a sliding glass door is a useful compromise to replacing the entire unit. It saves you money and impresses your friends that don't have new door tracks like you have. How it works: we take out both the sliding and stationary doors and remove just the bottom track from the opening. We then install a new track and re-install the doors, after putting brand new high quality rollers in the sliding section. This process takes a couple hours and you'd never even know we were there - except for that great looking new track and the fun you are having rolling the door. Here are some BEFORE and AFTER pictures!

Handles and Locks

The handle and locking mechanism on your door is the gateway to a luxurious patio door experience. Will it be effortless, or will you have to fight the thing to get it open and shut? It may even roll well, but it won't secure correctly and the kids are yelling and dinner is in an hour and WHY can't you get this dumb door to stay locked!? Have no fear, we deal with this issue on a daily basis and carry every handle and lock available.

Wardrobe Closet Doors

Wardrobe closet doors have few things that can go wrong with them, and we're prepared to handle them all. From top-hanging older style wood closet doors to newer style mirrored wardrobe doors, we can replace rollers, guides or even the bottom track. If you are looking to upgrade your old closet doors instead of repairing them, we are happy to do that for you as well. Below you will find some sample pictures - the thing to remember on pricing is that it's generally determined by the size of the closet opening. If you call us with those sizes, we can give you a price for new installation right over the phone!

We do windows, too!

If your windows are having trouble sliding (up or down or sideways), we can fix the majority of those as well. We carry everything available for window repair, but some parts are just not made any longer and there are no suitable alternatives (this is common in wood and aluminum windows, where the manufacturers went out of business quickly). If you have vinyl windows, these parts tend to be more universal and we can replace the springs, balances and other hardware necessary to make them slide easily.

Watch Us Work

Or read some reviews of our work here

We really want you to choose us to repair your sliding glass door so we'd like you to see the workmen that will come to your home and the results they will achieve on your door! Here is a short 90 second video showing a couple of our technicians repairing a vinyl patio door that was not rolling at all before we arrived. We guarantee you will experience the same satisfaction as the gentleman shown in this video.